I’m sitting at a coffee shop 12 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee. This isn’t an ordinary coffee shop. The coffee is fantastic and the prices are low, but this coffee shop is great for another reason. I nod to the shop owner, who smiles and says to me, “Marhaba!” a typical Arabic greeting. Here, there is always an engaging conversation waiting to be heard. The topics being discussed are about Christmas, Politics, and Major League Soccer. I suppose that this would be a hotbed to be avoided for many, but I find myself intrigued.  Here is a place where each of us can bring to the table our own blend of ideas, thoughts, and dreams and discuss them as friends over a cup of coffee.  In a fast-paced and busy world, the shop owner has created a place to come, find rest, and leave feeling energized with a new perspective. It is a delightful, encouraging place to be, and the Samosa is great too.

Hi, my name is Jason. I’m a young Christian in my early 20s with a vision for bringing together people from all kinds of backgrounds and hearing what they have to say about the world in which we all live. I’m hoping to create a marketplace of ideas, an economy of concepts in which we trade our stories, ask important questions, and share our best thoughts. Time and again a chance encounter with a stranger has acted as a paradigm shift or challenged the way I see the world. Chances are you have had this experience too. A single conversation can change your life. Why not open up a place where these encounters can happen all the time?

As the name Crucial Conversations suggests, these conversations are Crucial- meaning that they are important, yes, but they are important for a reason. As the word Crucial means “cross shaped,” most of these conversations will in one way or another be shaped by the cross of Christ as the center point in which all of human history finds meaning. As for Conversations, I hope that we can all thoughtfully engage one another. In my journey I’ve learned to respect other views, and with the best intentions in mind, assimilate and affirm that which is the best, brightest, and most beautiful about other views. Crucial Conversations is an honest attempt at expanding your influence in hopes that you will come and be equipped to make the community in which you live a better place, one conversation at a time.

This is what Crucial Conversations is all about. I believe that the best way to understand each other is to sit down and discuss our favorite topics together. We all share the same world, why not share ideas about the world? We must understand how we all view the world before we can move forward peacefully. Crucial Conversations is a place to bring those different views to the table, with the goal of understanding one another better so that should we ever meet, we’ll be able to shake hands as neighbors working together for a stronger community. The whole world is held together with conversation, when was the last time you had one that counted? Welcome to Crucial Conversations, thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment, share a story, and I hope you find something here that you can take with you.